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Library Monkey V5.1

Library Monkey V5.1

Library Monkey Mac cracked version – means no more sifting through endless files to find the spot you want. Now with iTunes importing, Library Monkey can instantly organize and sort your complete library according to your criteria, eliminating hours of sifting, digging and hair-pulling. And just for fun, Library Monkey also features the power Sound Grinder to convert your files while you’re at it.

Import It. Import audio assets through several time-saving options including drag-n-drop and a contextual menu item in the Finder.

Organize It. Name, manage and process your assets with a more efficient integration within the Finder. Create Smart Sets to automatically organize your assets by any criteria you desire. Use standard Sets to create a customized hierarchy, where assets can be in as many Sets as needed.

Find It. Search all your libraries or only the ones you desire with a simple selection. Perform complex searches using supported symbols and Boolean options. Refine your searches until you find the right asset. Look up recent searches via the Recent Searches list or pop-up menu.

Process It. Process your assets with time-saving features including Droplets, Rapid Convert, metadata mappings, and more.

Mac cracked app screenshot:

Library Monkey

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