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KeeWeb V1.15.4

KeeWeb V1.15.4

KeeWeb Mac cracked version is a “cross-platform” open source password manager compatible with KeePass on the Mac platform. KeeWeb Mac version has a multi-platform version as an open source password manager compatible with KeePass password database.


KeeWeb is based on KeePass. The most convenient thing about KeeWeb is that it provides an open source online client, which means you can build one yourself. The online version of KeeWeb is suitable for mobile browsers. You can choose to save the password to a local browser.

Of course, it is more recommended to use cloud storage. It supports WebDAV, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and local database files, or imports XML. Due to the browser version, it does not support automatic addition, but it can be quickly copied. It is suitable for use when going out and supports offline use. KeeWeb can also save pictures, and can be previewed directly, which is very suitable for storing a photo of an ID.



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