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Karabiner ElementsV12.9.0

Karabiner ElementsV12.9.0

Karabiner Elements Mac cracked version – is a Mac platform modification button Bit mapping Mac cracked app, if you need to change the key substitution behavior, you can try Karabiner to do the corresponding mapping. It is open source and free.

Function introduction:

Normal key mapping: Map a key on the keyboard to any other designated key.

Function key mapping: map the function key (Fn) on the keyboard to any other designated key.

It can take effect on multiple keyboard devices connected to Mac at the same time.

You can choose to reflect only on specific keyboard devices.

Support virtual keyboard (ANSI, ISO, JIS), etc.

Support multiple sets of preference settings, which can be switched according to the scene.

Mac cracked app screenshot:

Karabiner Elements

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