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JixiPix Kyoobik Photo V1.34

JixiPix Kyoobik Photo V1.34

JixiPix Kyoobik Photo Mac cracked version – It is an image that can convert ordinary photos into geometric grid tiles. Grid image? It sounds straightforward, but you can use this app for amazing rotations and swipes, not only to convert your photos into custom artwork, but also to take you back to the pop art pose style of the 1960s. This app goes beyond the columns and rows of the grid. With just one click, the effect can instantly grid your image. However, you can choose to take it to new heights and break through the four walls! Choose a frame with a sphere, triangle or even hexagon for your image. You can control everything with a simple slider.

Mac cracked app function:

1, 5 different geometric styles

2. Use a color or kaleidoscope color for tone adjustment

3. Use simple controls to adjust the spacing and shape of the gutter

4. Tools to remove tiles or re-add tiles to achieve artistic style

5. The image moves within the shape to achieve inconsistent alignment

6. Shadows with adjustable intensity and height

7. 30 backgrounds for displaying shapes, with transparency options. for transparent background, save the file as .png or .tif

8, 66 one-click settings

Mac cracked app screenshot:

JixiPix Kyoobik Photo

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