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Jixi Premium Pack

Jixi Premium Pack V1.1.15

Jixi Premium Pack mac cracked app – Jixi Premium Pack is a powerful package that packs 18 incredible creative photo effects into a powerful package: Aquarella, Artista Haiku, Artista Oil, Artista Sketch, Artoon, Chalkspiration, dramatic black and white, Gruntastic, Kyoobik Photo , Moku Hanga, NIR Color, Pop Dot Comics, Portrait Painter, rainy daze, romantic photos, simple HDR, daze snow and vintage scenes – Jixi Premium Pack.

Jixi Premium Pack function:

Including 5 kinds of photography effects, 8 kinds of artistic effects and 5 kinds of creative effects.

Aquarella- Converts the image to a luminous watercolor with all the fine details in the traditional watercolor medium.

Artista Haiku-Using non-traditional techniques (such as digital photography and vintage paper) to convert photos into whimsical watercolors to create unique art that is dynamic and meaningful.

Artista Oil-This award-winning portrait and art application, without any work, can convert the photo Alla prima (once) into a masterpiece of oil painting.

Artista Sketch- Convert photos to sketches with thin lines and delicate shadows to draw beautiful renderings. – Jixi Premium Pack

Artoon- uses four cartoon styles to create professional-looking cartoon and colorful illustrations.

Chalk drawing-automatically converts the image to an image with chalk outline and light shadow. These include objects from flourishing banners, slogans and ornaments to complete the composition.

Outstanding black and white-this award-winning style turns photos into gorgeous black and white photography with extraordinary light, contrast and form.

Grungetastic-Enlarge your photos to 11 with 7 popular appearances. The aggressive grunge style allows you to use uncomfortable textures and tones to make photos dirty, dirty, discolored, and worn photos, which is dangerous and addictive super dirty art.

Kyoobik Photo-Turn ordinary photos into photos with 3D pop-up geometric shapes. Use the included tools to remove the tiles or add them back for artistic creation.

Moku Hanga- Convert photos into exotic Japanese wood carving scenes, famous for its smooth hand-carved outlines and colorful brushes. – Jixi Premium Pack

NIR color-near infrared technology creates surreal photos, and then uses color filters to add purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red to the image.

Popular Comics-Use thick outlines, bold colors and a lot of curved points to create comic-style illustrations to complete works that look like printed or published.

Portrait Painter-Create gallery-style portraits on fine linen or canvas. This professional painting tool can add color, light and texture, these elements can be intelligently coordinated, and have an amazing frankness, which can produce beautiful artworks that resonate with life.

Romantic photos-use exquisite lighting and more than 30 photography filters to create a romantic atmosphere in the photos. The photo looks like it was taken using the most professional techniques. – Jixi Premium Pack

Simply HDR-This award-winning high dynamic range software instantly creates stunning images from other tedious themes and compositions.

Snow Daze-One-click setting will automatically add snow and frost effects to the photo to create a beautiful snow scene. Use the snow brush to wipe the snow from the face and other areas and choose to brush it back.

Retro scene-Use this unique algorithm combined with several classic photo filters to perform era processing on any photo. Sepia tones, textures, borders, edges, and distressed paper make each image look like it used to

Mac cracked app screenshot:

Jixi Premium Pack

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