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JetBrains WebStorm

JetBrains WebStorm V2020.2.1

JetBrains WebStorm mac cracked app – JetBrains WebStorm is a very useful JavaScript development tool under jetbrains.- JetBrains WebStorm

It is praised by the majority of Chinese JS developers as the web front-end development artifact, the most powerful HTML5 editor, and the most intelligent JavaScript IDE.

It has the same origin with IntelliJ IDEA and inherits the powerful JS part of IntelliJ IDEA.

JetBrains WebStorm Features:

Smart code complement

Supports prompts of different browsers, and also includes all user-defined functions (in the project)

Code completion includes all popular libraries, such as: JQuery, YUI, Dojo, Prototype, Mootools and Bindows.

Code formatting

Not only can the code be formatted, but all rules can be defined by yourself

html prompt

Everyone often writes html code in js code. Generally speaking, it is very painful, but with smart prompts, it is much better. And there can be js prompts in html.

HTML tips in code writing


Just press the Ctrl key and click on the function or variable, you can jump directly to the definition; you can search for the function or variable in the whole project, and you can also search for use and highlight.


This operation is a bit like Resharper. Users who are familiar with Resharper should get started quickly. It supports renaming, extracting variables/functions, inline variables/functions, moving/copying, safe deletion, etc.

Code inspection and quick fix

You can quickly find errors in the code or areas that need to be optimized, and give suggestions for revisions and fixes quickly.

Code debugging

Support code debugging, the interface is similar to IDEA, which is very convenient.

Code structure browsing

Can quickly browse and locate

Code folding

The function is small, but it is convenient and efficient

Wrap or remove peripheral code

Automatically prompt the package or remove the peripheral code, just one click

Mac cracked app screenshot:

JetBrains WebStorm

Please contact for activation.

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