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JetBrains CLion

JetBrains CLion V2020.2.0

JetBrains CLion mac cracked app – is a newly launched cross-platform IDE specially designed for C/C++ development under Jetbrains. It is designed on the basis of IntelliJ and contains many intelligent functions to improve the productivity of developers.

JetBrains CLion Features:

Provide C and C++ support (including C++11, libc++ and Boost), as well as JavaScript, XML, HTML and CSS.

Supports GCC, clang, MinGW, Cygwin compiler and GDB debugger.

Provide CMake support: including automatic processing of CMake changes and CMake targets, update of newly created C/C++ files and CMake Cache editor.

Provide various coding assistance: including multi-line editing function, intelligent completion function and one-key navigation.

Safe and reliable automatic code reconstruction function.

Code analysis function: monitor code quality and provide quick fixes so that developers can solve problems on the spot in time.

Integrated GDB debugger and expressions function, STL container renderers, watches, embedded variable views, etc.

Integrate with the most popular version control systems: Subversion, Git, GitHub, Mercurial, CVS, Perforce and TFS.

Built-in terminal mode and can provide Vim-emulation mode through plug-in implementation.

Mac cracked app screenshot:

JetBrains CLion

Please contact for activation.

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