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IZotope Nectar Plus 3.6.0

iZotope Nectar Plus 3.6.0

iZotope Nectar cracked for mac – iZotope Nectar Plus is a set of the most advanced tools specially designed for vocal production. Through new machine learning functions, amazing visualization and other functions, you can complete each part of the vocal chain and obtain professional vocals in seconds with iZotope Nectar Plus.

iZotope Nectar Plus Features:

  1. The next level of vocal mixing

From correction to creative processing, through to the final training, Nectar 3 opened a new era of mixing vocals with machine learning tools, modern workflows, and communication between entire conversations.

  1. Excellent voice…

Vocal Assistant can listen to your audio, allowing you to start using custom presets customized to your unique vocals. Time-consuming tasks such as correcting EQ cuts, dynamics, and eliminations are executed accurately within seconds. Vocal Assistant can even intelligently set the optimal input level through automatic level mode to ensure smooth performance.

3….and in the mix

Vocals are an important part of them, but they are not the only part. By communicating with the included Relay plug-in, Nectar will help you place the vocals at the forefront of the mix and automatically remove other competing mix elements. Vocal Assistant: Unmask will communicate with any instance of Nectar 3, Neutron 2 Advanced (provided separately) or iZotope Relay (included with Nectar 3) to create the perfect nest for your vocals in iZotope Nectar Plus.

  1. A brand new interface

Dynamic equalizer

The dynamic equalizer mode responds to the dynamic level of the audio, allowing you to transparently cut or enhance in iZotope Nectar Plus

Heads up display

Experience the equalizer in a new way and stay in your creative area, you can get powerful control directly from the EQ node you choose in iZotope Nectar Plus.

Follow EQ

Following the EQ mode will select the frequency and its harmonics for unmatched control of pitch information, so you don’t need to manually edit for hours of corrections.

  1. Professional clarity and polishing

Nectar 3 is designed to be suitable for any type. In the audio example below, we used Vocal Assistant and our own custom settings to accommodate these vocals in iZotope Nectar Plus.

  1. Game in Paradise: Melodyne 4 is essential

iZotope cooperates with Celemony, including Melodyne 4 essentials, to provide you with surgical, intuitive, and truly transparent tone adjustment functions, which are the industry standards for professional studios worldwide. Nectar 3 is also bundled with the iZotope RX breath control system, which can intelligently detect breaths in conversations or vocal recordings and automatically suppress them.

  1. Grab every breath

Nectar 3 bundles the magic of RX, which is the standard for audio cleanup and recovery. The RX 7 breath control is designed to detect and disappear breaths during recording, thereby reducing the time spent in the editing and editing phases. Vocal ChAIn Bundle and Music Production Suite 2 include a more time-saving recovery function for the RX series.

  1. The pinnacle of audio plug-in design

Each module in Nectar 3 has been redesigned, taking into account your time and experience. Interact with key module settings in new ways, resizable interfaces, exciting metering animations and new context selection settings, this is a smooth visual experience and you won’t want to go back to knobs and faders .


Nectar 3 is equipped with two 24-band equalizer modules to provide almost unlimited flexibility for character and correction processing. Through the Dynamic and Follow modes accessible by each node, it is the most advanced and intuitive EQ.


Use Nectar 3’s Pitch module for transparent (or extreme) pitch correction. Use Vocal Assistant to automatically detect the register, and then use the Strength, Speed ​​and Formant controls to adjust. Pitch will also notify you of the sound register in the Harmony module, making it easier for you to superimpose vocal harmony.


Use the modulation effects in Nectar 3’s Dimension module to add movement and depth. Dimension includes Chorus, Flanger, and Phaser effects. Each effect has unique controls and an intuitive interface, allowing you to intuitively adjust and shape your tone.


The Harmony module has been redesigned and improved to have a spacious, easily add four additional sounds in the context interface. Easily add natural harmony, doubles and textures!


Nectar 3 provides you with two Compressor modules to ensure dynamic consistency and add a unique personality to your vocals. These compressors are very suitable for singers, there are five different modes that can simulate the new and old popular vocal compressor types.


Use the Reverb module to add natural spaces and characters to your vocals. Let Vocal Assistant create a subtle “halo” effect for you, or use more extreme settings for huge verb cleaning.


The hiss elimination module will tame your hiss in a few seconds. When you see the esses on the spectrum, you can intuitively adjust the threshold and cutoff filter, or just let Vocal Assistant set it automatically.

iZotope Nectar Plus Mac cracked apps screenshot:

iZotope Nectar
iZotope Nectar Plus 3.6.0

Note: This plugin needs to be used with “Studio One Pro” or other compatible Mac cracked apps.

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