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ITrash V5.1.2

iTrash V5.1.2

iTrash Mac version is a free Mac OS application uninstall tool on a separate Apple system, just drag the program that needs to be uninstalled into the window of iTrash Mac version to delete the application.

Trash cleanup

You can switch to real-time expert mode through the switch. itrash will more thoroughly search for files used by software that needs to be uninstalled.

Sometimes it will find more related files, but it is recommended to verify if the files do exist.

Ghost mode:

You can turn on ghost mode in your preferences. When enabled, Ghost Mode will run in the background every time you start your system. This mode does not use any CPU load and is safe to use.
Application list:

Double-click iTrash, and then press Cmd + L or select “Application List” in the menu. A new window will display all installed applications, components, preparations, … in All volumes. You can also hide all optional OS X applications, components, etc.

Lost files:

iTrash can find related files, even outdated files. It can thoroughly search your computer to find the files you need, of course, this is not a 100% success rate. Because some files have been deleted.

Software screenshot:

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