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IStat Menus V6.51 (1164)

iStat Menus V6.51 (1164)

iStat menus Mac cracked version – iStat Menus is a free Mac OS computer hardware information detection Mac cracked app. After the installation is complete, it is located in the application panel of “System Preferences”, allowing you to monitor a large amount of system information from the menu without occupying use If you have too much desktop space, the information provided includes CPU usage, memory usage, hard disk usage vertical, network transmission, machine temperature, fan speed, etc.


The iStat menu iStat Pro needs to exist on the dashboard. This is a single resident menu bar on the right side of the small tool, we can always know what is happening on our Mac computer, such as checking hardware temperature, checking real-time internet speed and checking memory iStat The development of the menu is very difficult. The developer once mentioned on the blog that because the sensor of the new Mac computer is different each time, it is necessary to buy a machine for testing.

Mac cracked app screenshot:

iStat Menus

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