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iShot V1.7.5

iShot mac cracked app is a free excellent, Full-featured area screenshots, window screenshots, long screenshots, delayed screenshots, quick annotation tools.

iShot introduction:

①: Area screenshot, window screenshot, shortcut key screenshot

Intelligent recognition window, automatic rounding, quick screenshots with customizable shortcut keys

②: Long screenshot, rolling screenshot

Select the scrolling part to take a long screenshot

③: Delayed full-screen screenshot

Support countdown sound playback, intercept windows that are not easy to select

④: Shortcut key for quick annotation

You can customize shortcut keys for screenshot annotation tools according to your habits

⑤Marking function:

Rectangle, circle, horizontal line, arrow, brush, mosaic, text mark, serial number label, partial highlighting

⑥: Custom color matching

The annotation tool provides 5 colors by default, and also provides a custom color palette, which can be customized color matching

⑦: The annotation tool provides a variety of style choices

Annotation tools such as arrows and mosaics provide a variety of style choices, so that your annotations are no longer single

⑧: Support HD and SD image quality

⑨: Support jpg, png, tiff screenshot save format

⑩: Support hide menu bar icon

Mac cracked app screenshot:


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