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Iris And The Giant V1.1.1.2(37937)

Iris And The Giant V1.1.1.2(37937)

Iris And The Giant– Alice and the Kingdom of Giants is a card game that combines CCG, RPG and roguelike. You play Alice, she must face the fear in her imagined world bravely. Fall into melancholy and gripping adventures, full of cute monsters and buried memories. Are you ready to face the inner devil?

Game content:

-Card formation: Players can choose to form their own exclusive deck. Choose the best solution for your long-term strategy

-A touching adventure, the author put a lot of effort into the graphics and vision

-Customize! The game is full of options to professionalize your character, your deck and your game style.

-A gradual difficulty curve that not only allows ordinary players to get started, but also challenges the most experienced players.

Game screenshot:

Iris And The Giant

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