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Imperator Rome V1.5.3.40956

Imperator Rome V1.5.3.40956

Imperator Rome Mac cracked version – Imperator Rome is the latest grand strategy game from Paradox Development Studio. The game is based on hundreds of years of turmoil, from the Peloponnesian War to the establishment of the Roman Empire, allowing you to return to that classic era and experience the grandeur and challenges of empire building.

Imperator Rome Game content:

As former generals and bureaucrats coveted and fought for the throne, the Alexander Empire finally fell apart and split into independent kingdoms. In Egypt, the famous Ptolemy took control of the remains of the great conqueror and the wealth of the Nile. In Persia, Seleucus consolidated his power, while Antioch established a base camp in Anatolia. The brutal Lishmarcos ruled Thresh, and the heart of the empire Macedonia fell into the hands of the usurper Cassander.

This fun pack gives the “War of Succession” new colors, including new troop models and game fun.

◎ 4 new army models: unique army designs for Macedonia, Phrygia, Seleucas and Thrace.

◎ 4 new ship models: unique warship designs for Egypt, Macedonia, Phrygia and Seleucus, including depictions of the famous Greek super giant ships.

◎ Map monument features: Alexander’s Mausoleum, Rhodes Acropolis, Pergamon Acropolis, Ayihanum Palace, Alexandria Library, and Macedonia Ajid Palace.

◎ Six interesting Greek events: revolving around Alexandria’s heritage, Alexandria war veterans, the expansion of Greek culture, urban games and trade.

◎ Alexander’s remains event chain: Attempt to steal the remains of Alexander the Great and erect a monument for him.

◎ New event art map: Draw an exquisite new art map for the newly added unique event.

◎ New music: specially created special music for Greek fans.

Mac cracked app screenshot:

Imperator Rome

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