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IFlicks V3.4.1(4023)

iFlicks V3.4.1(4023)

iFlicks Mac cracked version is a Mac Excellent video editing and conversion tools, which can quickly edit the metadata information of the video, and integrate the video mixing and encoding capabilities. So you can choose the best way to quickly import video files to iTunes. Play on iPhone or iPad, very easy to use!

Function introduction:

iFlicks provides tight integration into iTunes. The most distinctive feature is that you can directly access the integrated iTunes script menu. In this way, you can easily update the video metadata in your iTunes library, and the processed movies can also be automatically added to the iTunes library or playlist.

Use iFlicks to add video files to iTunes and iOS devices. Add metadata to movies and TV shows to make the video database look more exciting. Managing video collections on Mac devices has never been easier.

iFlicks is used to process the metadata of movies and TV shows. Add metadata to help you get a wonderful iTunes database. All of this is achieved with a beautifully designed user interface.

If you like movies as much as we do, I hope the movies look good in the iTunes library. You can even drag existing videos to the iFlicks window to update them. This will give life to your iTunes media library.

Mac cracked app screenshot:


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