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IA Writer V5.6.0

iA Writer V5.6.0

iA Writer cracked provides a unique ” “No interference mode”, this mode hides all interface elements that may interfere with writing, leaving only a blank sheet of paper, a keyboard, and a gray “small lock” in the upper right corner (this is used to exit the interference mode ), And only highlight a few lines of text being edited, the rest of the text will be faded out, and it is also intended to maximize the focus of the writer on the current text.

Function introduction:

Focus on writing, for example, there are no other complicated buttons, such as highlighting the sentence currently being written, and automatically hide a few lines of the previous text. Let writers focus on what they write

The mode function in the Pro version can provide three modes: “reading”, “comment” and “writing”. It seems that it should be deeply communicated with writer users, knowing the different needs of writers in different situations of writing

The Pro version also has a feature called part-of-speech highlighting-you can choose to highlight the entire sentence, highlight all verbs in the article, or all adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, and so on. I guess this function is used to polish the writer, is it to push or knock? Highlight all the verbs before you talk!

Precision writing tools:

Automatic markup displays text on the screen—your hand rests on the keyboard.

Syntax control introduces grammatical markup of natural language text. It includes English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Patent pending.

Convert Markdown to Microsoft Word 2007 .docx, and then return.


Workflow status

Customized fonts, carefully set for optimal readability.

In-app preview

Reading time, plus sentences, words and characters.

Real-time iCloud synchronization

Prepare for retina display

Full screen

Software screenshot:

iA Writer

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