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Here V3.02

here V3.02

here Mac cracked version – Any your mouse is idle, a bright, shape highlights your cursor, marking its position. Inside your shape, a live counter displays how long your mouse, pen, or touchpad has been inactive. Easily change your shape’s color, size, and transparency to fit your task or just because you want to. As soon as you resume work, your shape will fade or pop-off. Pause or take a break, and your shape comes back on, waiting patiently for you to continue.
Take your eyes off the screen and ‘here’ will show you exactly where your mouse pointer is. No shaking your mouse and losing your position.

Creating a critical spreadsheet, retouching a complex photo, or reading a scientific paper? After you answer your phone, rub your eyes, or step away, you’ll waste precious looking for your mouse cursor. With a desktop that’s also saturated with files and folders, just turn away and you’ll go looking for that cursor again. Work on multiple monitors late into the night? Now you’ll know where, and on which monitor – even from across the room!

  • Any Mac (Apple Silicon, Intel) version for macOS Big Sur
  • app core rewritten
  • counter font color fits both light and dark mode
  • app icon changed
  • startup tip modified
  • status menu bar icon changed for the dark mode
  • interface fine-tuning for dark mode
  • bug fixed: countdown not displaying in the center of the shape
  • bug fixed: white background even in dark mode
  • minimum shape size with counter display changed from 130 to 100
  • app version display added
  • support menu updated
  • hide app dock icon function rewritten
  • all deprecated functions rewritten

Mac cracked app screenshot:


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