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guitarFineTune V8.6.4

guitarFineTune mac cracked app – is an app. that aids in tuning electric and acoustic guitars.

in short:• is an app. that aids in tuning electric and acoustic guitars.• It has a very high resolution. Measurements are in 0.1 Hz resolution.• All strings can be tuned simultaneously. The measured sound for all 6 strings are all shown at the same time, and compared with the sounds for the strings as they must be, when the guitar is in perfect tune.

guitarFineTune Features:

▸ Fine tuning of guitars.▸ Displays the actual tone of the guitar strings compared to their correct tone inresolution, 0.1 Hz.▸ Can be used with both acoustic and electric guitars.▸ Can let the sound pass through so you can hear the electric guitar

Compatibility: OS X 10.11 or later • Apple Silicon or Intel Core processorMac App Store

Mac cracked app screenshot:


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