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Gifox Pro V2.2.5

Gifox Pro V2.2.5

Gifox Mac cracked version – is a Gif animation production Mac cracked app on the Mac platform. The function operation and recording effect of Gifox are pretty good, and the picture quality and size are well controlled. for users who need to record GIF for a long time, it is still worth starting.


Support recording according to the pickup area or routine;

Support shortcut keys;

GIF quality and size are well controlled


The first time you open the application, you will be prompted to select a directory to place the recorded GIF file. Just set it according to my own preferences, so I will first put all the GIFs in a certain folder on the desktop, and then cooperate with Hazel for automatic rule management.

After completion, Gifox will display an icon in the top menu bar, and the window that appears when you click is the main functional area of ​​the application. The purple and blue areas on the upper left are the screen recording of the selected area and the screen recording of the current window, respectively. The main part of the window is the history of the screen recording. After clicking, the Finder will automatically open and locate the GIF address.

Take the selected area recording as an example, click the button on the upper left to enter the editing mode. After selecting the recording area, when and when to wait, click the play button below to start recording.

If you like keyboard operations, you can also use shortcut keys to start recording, and use shortcut keys again to stop recording. The shortcut key combination also maintains the same rules as the system’s native screenshots (Cmd + Shift + number), which is convenient for memorization.


Mac cracked app screenshot:


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