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FileAssistant V2.8

FileAssistant V2.8

FileAssistant Mac cracked version is a version that runs on MacOS File manager. FileAssistant is a tool that allows you to quickly operate files and folders, and can also help you quickly synchronize, copy, paste, and manage files, allowing you to improve your work efficiency.

Mac cracked app function:

1. The best sync box for Mac file management

Do you want to access Mac files as easily as files on your PC? You can drag or add frequently used files or folders to the FileAssistant box. Next time when you want to access or find files/folders, there is no need to search for them on your Mac. Just easily access and find them through the box. This is a complete synchronization box. When you edit or modify the original file/folder, it will automatically sync with the file/folder in the box immediately.

2. Easily copy, cut, and delete Mac files

When you want to copy, cut or delete Mac files, there is no need to go to the original location. You can easily copy, cut and delete files through the FileAssistant box. It’s easy, right? Just like you copy, cut, and delete files on your PC.

3. More functions of FileAssistant

Sort files by adding time, file name, size and type.

When you delete, copy or cut files, batch operations are supported.

Clean up the list easily.

Easily preview the file content in the box.

Mac cracked app screenshot:


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