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ExpressionsinBar V2.3

ExpressionsinBar V2.3

ExpressionsinBar Mac cracked version – is a simple menubar application which provides powerful computer-aided algebra computations. It’s a powerful tool for evaluating mathematical expressions that lives in the menubar of your Mac ! So it is always just click away! It’s the perfect app for teachers, math students, scientists, and the geek among us!

ExpressionsinBar A GORGEOUS OUTPUT

Unlike most other Equation Editors, ExpressionsinBar helps you resolve the math and then prepares a neat output for an easy insertion in your documents or presentations. Mathematical expressions are presented in high-resolution PDF form that can be pasted into your Documents or Presentations!

  • Click the Menubar icon and ExpressionsinBar pops open an input expression box. Enter the expression, view the result.
  • Beautiful output easily copied into text editors such as Apple Pages or Microsoft Word, or presentation programs such as Apple Keynote or Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Alternatively export the result of a computation in LaTeX syntax to TeX processors, such as TeXShop or TeXworks.
  • Scrolling panels with easy to use functions
  • Menu with variables, functions, syntax and tips
  • Use keyboard arrows to navigate function arguments
  • Easily select to render “input only”, “input =”, “result” and “input and result”
  • Constants (π, e, etc.)
  • Integers, fractions, floating numbers
  • Sequences, lists, vectors, matrices, strings
  • Operators (+, -, *, /, ^)
  • Arithmetics on integers, rational, and floating numbers
  • Arbitrary precision arithmetic, operating on signed integers, rational numbers, and floating point numbers
  • Operations on fractions (integer and fractional parts, numerator, denominator, simplification, continued fraction expansion of real)
  • Real functions (max, min, round, floor, sign, frac, ceil)
  • Complex functions (re, im, abs, conj, arg, affix)
  • Polynomials
  • Factorial, binomial
  • Exponential, logarithms, roots, powers
  • Trigonometric functions, hyperbolic functions, and inverses
  • Algebraic transformations (simplify, normal form, expand, factor)
  • Trigonometric transformations
  • Probabilities
  • Statistics (1d and 2d)
  • Polynomials algebra
  • Algebraic calculus
  • Numerical calculus
  • Derivatives, limits and series expansion, integrals
  • Equations, ordinary differential equations
  • Units in operations
  • Conversion of units, transformation to SI units, simplification of units
  • Access to several fundamental constants of nature such as the speed-of-light, Planck constant, the elementary electric charge, etc.

Mac cracked app screenshot:


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