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Expressions V1.3.3

Expressions V1.3.3

Expressions cracked is a powerful Regular expression tool, easy to use, can help developers test regular expressions, a variety of themes, select highlighting, etc., very good!

Function introduction:

Expressions is an application that uses regular expressions. Easy and beautiful.

Completely simple, non-distracting user interface. Dark and light mode. The pattern syntax is highlighted. Beautiful full screen view. The mode and text group are highlighted. Regular expression reference table.

The expression supports switching between mode groups by pressing cmd+shift {and cmd+shift+}. The copy mode can be escaped, so you can paste it directly into the code. And vice versa (see Edit menu.) Thanks to the “Allow Blanks and Comments” option, you can break the pattern into multiple parts, which makes editing easier (see Preferences.)

Mac cracked app screenshot:


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