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EventScripts V1.32

EventScripts V1.32

EventScripts Mac cracked version – EventScripts is a specific event that can trigger AppleScripts for Mac cracked app that automatically runs scripts of other types, ES has written about 40 types of events for users to choose from. Each event can be repeatedly added and trigger multiple scripts.

Mac cracked app features:

1. Eventscripts

EventScripts allow you to assign AppleScript, shell scripts, and Automator workflows to run when certain events occur.

EventScripts supports many events, as shown below.

Motion and location events

Application and browser events

Network events

Volume, USB and time machine events

iTunes event

Apple remote events

Bluetooth and iBeacon events

Computer and power events

Screen events

Other events

2. Add script

The script can be configured from the “Event Script” pane of the preferences. In this pane, you can:

Drag and drop scripts to add or reorder them in the table.

Use the pop-up menu to select an event to trigger the script

Temporarily disable scripting by unchecking the “Activity” checkbox

Double-click the script to open it in the default editor

Use the context menu to apply “tags” to scripts

3. Server

You can enable the EventScript server in the server preferences pane. When the server is running, you can use EventScripts Mobile to set the “EventScripts Mobile” event to use them to trigger scripts on Mac on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

The server only broadcasts on the local bonjour network.

4. Tags

Once the label is created, you can use the context menu to apply it to the script in the main EventScript‪s preference pane.

5. Apple remote control

Here, we can turn on and off Apple Remote monitoring. EventScript‪s has two modes of using Apple Remotes.

Shared mode, where EventScript‪s respond to Apple Remote commands, but do not prevent other applications (such as iTunes, EyeTV, etc.) from responding to them.

Exclusive mode, where EventScript‪s alone will respond to Apple Remote commands.

6. Beacon

When EventScripts find iBeacons nearby, you can trigger a script. The parameters passed to the script describe the beacon

7. Bluetooth

EventScript can trigger a script based on the proximity of a specific Bluetooth device. When the device is “found” and “lost”, the script can be triggered.

Devices must be “discoverable” to be selected for monitoring, but once selected, they do not have to be in discoverable mode in order to trigger lost and discovered Bluetooth events.

8. Motion detection

EventScript can trigger a script when motion is detected. To do this, open the iSight camera in the Mac and adjust the feed to exercise.

You can control the sensitivity of this monitoring in these preferences.

9. Notice matters

EventScript can use the notification center to report events and script execution. You can also enable Prowl notifications here to forward notifications to your iOS device. In addition, Pushover notification is supported through the AppleScript interface of EventScript.


Mac cracked app screenshot:


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