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Elmedia Player Pro V7.15 (2281)

Elmedia Player Pro V7.15 (2281)

Elmedia Player Pro Mac cracked version – Elmedia Player Pro is a Mac os platform very good Mac video playback Mac cracked app on the web, elmedia player for mac is an advanced video player featuring the flash platform on the Mac platform. At the beginning, it was specifically used for the playback of flash files on the Mac platform, and later developed to not only Support flash, also support silverlight, ordinary video, wmv, real format playback.

Elmedia Player Pro Function introduction:

  【1】Elmedia Player for Mac is an absolutely free Flash media player for playing audio and video on Mac! This convenient player supports playback of FLV, SWF, XAP (Silverlight), RM and RV (Real), AVI, MOV, MP4, and many other formats. Elmedia Player for Mac has a built-in web browser playback function, so you can browse websites and watch movies without leaving the application. It provides you with a convenient media file management tool: this feature is inspired by the creation of regular and intelligent playlists in iTunes.

  【2】Elmedia Player for Mac is also available in the PRO version. It has an additional function, such as downloading online videos and movies in various formats from the Internet, including streaming media via RTMP and videos embedded in HTML5, and watching videos in full-screen mode; always keep the window at the front and let you intercept your most Favorite movie moments.

  【3】The feature that really makes Elmedia Player for Mac an excellent and unique tool is that when downloading from a website, you will also be able to download the initial files of external resources, such as videos, mainly by Flash frame images on the website On the top, the video is loaded. In addition, Elmedia Player for Mac will maintain the original structure of the video and other resources, which makes playing video files significant.

Elmedia Player Pro Mac cracked app screenshot:

Elmedia Player Pro

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