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Easy Markdown V1.8.1

Easy Markdown V1.8.1

Easy MarkDown Mac cracked version – is a very good Mac web page editor It can help you create plain text web pages. Even if you are familiar with HTML, using EasyEasy Markdown can also improve your work speed. Using EasyEasy Markdown is simple and effective.

Function introduction:

1. The text written in Easy Markdown is the plain text of the correct webpage that looks correct and is automatically translated and encoded in HTML.

2. Using Easy Markdown rules, users can create beautifully formatted text on the right side and automatically look good web pages (including code).

3, Easy Markdown is a perfect editing Easy Markdown. The text written on the left side of the page (in normal text) automatically becomes the web page on the right side of the window as your type.

4. You can immediately see the result and how it changes on any key (including images). There is no coding requirement, you can copy the HTML code (body, whole page or whole page using CSS embedding) with one click.

5. You can copy the code in a single copy and paste operation in a real HTML environment on the port, and you will have the same page online.

6. Many people and companies are already using Easy Markdown, because it is just to master and provide advantages in one source text and web page. Easy Markdown is easy to implement, making it all easier and easier.

7. Let Easy Markdown open to the end, directly edit 66 different types of text files, such as text, TXT, HTML, CSS, etc…

8. The application provides many help tools to better format the page.

  1′ optimized for OS X10.10 Yosemite, it can also run on OS X10.9 Mavericks.

  2’display text and automatically generated webpage as your type plain text.

  3′ can display text, web pages, and HTML codes that can be folded and split.

  4′ can copy text, in both HTML and RTF version, just one click

  5′ enhanced editor, line number.

  6’The smooth web page is updated to your type. You will be surprised by it.

  7’variable font size editor, HTML view and Web view.

Mac cracked app screenshot:

Easy Markdown

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