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Dropzone Pro V4.0.7

Dropzone Pro V4.0.7

Dropzone Pro Mac cracked version – is an efficiency tool based on drag operation. It can quickly and easily copy and move files, open applications and share files with many different services. He is a unique and amazing application that is the same as the one used before. Every detail is given a fanatical attention, and there is a built-in application that looks and feels like an integral part of OS X.

Function introduction:

Open the application, move and copy files at an unprecedented speed.

Share with Twitter, Flickr, Facebook or message

Use the newly added switcher to quickly switch URLs. Just select a switched URL and press Ctrl + Option + Cmd + S to change the URL and copy it to the copy automatically.

AirDrop integration allows you to delete files or folders from any application and share them with other Macs via the network.

Imgur integration allows you to quickly share images and get a copy link. It even allows you to put down multiple images to create Imgur albums. You can use it with or without an Imgur account, and it is installed and ready.

Upload via FTP and Amazon S3.

Download and install additional operations that allow you to upload to Google Drive, YouTube and other services.

Notification Center notifications let you know when your operation is complete.

The powerful multi-task engine allows you to run multiple tasks at once, and track the progress of each task through the grid-connected task status area.

Check the task progress in the animation menu item.

Reorder your operations quickly by adjusting operations.

Use the add keyboard shortcut function to start Dropzone operation

Easily add to your grid by adding applications, folders or actions in the “Add to grid” area.

Develop your own operations using the updated massively improved Ruby or Python API.

Mac cracked app screenshot:

Dropzone pro

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