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DropDMG V3.6

DropDMG V3.6

Dropdmg Mac cracked version – is on the Mac os platform A Mac file management Mac cracked app that helps users quickly package DMG files. It can not only encrypt image files, but also compress or encode them with tools such as GZip, BZip2, MacBinary, or even cut them into smaller ones. The split file group.

Function introduction:

1. DropDMG is a practical tool for quickly creating disk mirroring (DMG) file archives.

2. DMG is a very popular packaging and disk image format under Mac. Although many Mac cracked app are packaged into DMG format files for transmission, making DMG requires the use of the Mac’s own Disk Utilities (Disk Utilities) Many steps are cumbersome.

3, DropDMG can quickly package the disk image into a compressed file, supports drag-and-drop of files and folders, supports multiple output formats and conversion of mirroring formats, whether it is transmission over the Internet or direct backup, it is easy to grasp.

4. The interface of DropDMG is very simple, with only a toolbar and task window.

5. To make DMG, just prepare all the files, put them in a folder, and then drag and drop the folder into the DropDMG window.

6. If you want DMG resources to look more beautiful, you can set your personality in Preferences.

Mac cracked app screenshot:


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