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DoublePane V1.8

DoublePane V1.8

DoublePane Mac cracked version – is an effortless window positioning helper.

Have you ever wasted time repositioning application windows so you can see two windows simultaneously? Do you struggle to move and resize windows so that they don’t overlap?

DoublePane effortlessly repositions application windows to maximize your screen space for easy side-by-side viewing.

With one click, DoublePane will place the current window to the left half of the screen. With a second click, will move a second window to the right half of the screen. You no longer spend time sizing or repositioning open windows. You can layout your screen to maximize your productivity.

DoublePane’s side-by-side viewing allows you to easily:

  • Edit two documents without spending time sizing or positioning them.
  • Drag and drop files between two applications.
  • Read an article on one half of the screen while taking notes on the other half.

lets you position the current window through an onscreen menu or by using assignable keyboard shortcuts. DoublePane will:

  • Move a window to the left half of the screen
  • Move a window to the right half of the screen
  • Position a window to fill the entire screen
  • Restore the original size and position of a window

Mac cracked app screenshot:


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