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Disk Xray V2.7.9

Disk Xray V2.7.9

Disk Xray Mac cracked version – Disk Xray is an excellent disk cleaning tool on Mac, it can automatically scan duplicate files and junk files on the disk, and supports restore, very good!

Disk Xray Features:

Disk Xray is a disk usage statistics viewer, duplicate file and folder finder and cleanup tool. It performs three basic functions and performs very well. It also provides you with maximum security, if you accidentally delete some files, then all files will be recovered.


Folder Scanner-Folder Scanner is a visual disk / folder analyzer that enables you to find large files and folders on the disk-is a complete hard drive or a subfolder-on your disk You can recognize at a glance what folders are space occupants, and one of the folders is continuously drilled down.

Duplicate File Finder-Duplicate File Detector, frees up disk space by finding and deleting duplicate files and folders, thus giving you the opportunity to recover your disk space. This scan can show all the duplicate files you saved files, photos or other types are checked by byte-byte to ensure 100% guarantee that they are accurate copies.

Disk Cleaner-Disk Cleaner can speed up your computer and find and remove temporary files on your computer. This includes obvious choices for junk and your download folder, and also includes location you may not think about cleaning or even knowing where to find application logs, web browser cache and cookies, application cache and a growing number of The mail attachment list is stored locally, but it is never cleaned. You can also set it to find all large files on the disk. Decide which old file you want to delete, one week, one month or one year.

Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later 64-bit

Mac cracked app screenshot:

Disk Xray

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