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Disk Expert V3.3

Disk Expert V3.3

Disk Expert Mac cracked version – is a Mac disk Analysis and management tools can help us easily find the largest files and folders in the current mac computer. Disk Expert Mac will scan your hard drive partitions, visually display the use of disk space, and build a list of redundant content.

Function introduction:
Disk Expert Mac version allows you to use Mac OS X system tools to find hidden files and folders. You can use Finder to find files and QuickLook to preview files. Disk Expert also allows you to merge quickly move or even delete files and folders. Support partition: disk drive partition.

   Support Volume:

  •Hard disk volume,

  •CD and DVD discs,

  •USB mobile hard disk,

  •Install DMG,

  •SMB disk image.
Top purchase reason:

  •The fastest scanning tool! At least 40% faster than other tools!

  •Easy to view the available disk space on your hard drive.

  •Find files and folders that take up space.

  •Found rarely used files.

  •Get rid of what you don’t need.

  •Keep your hard drive clean and organized.

  •Ability to scan disks and custom folders.

  •Quick scan process.

  •Visual presentation of results.

  •Display and manage the largest files.

Mac cracked app screenshot:

Disk Expert

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