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Denise Audio My Crush

Denise Audio My Crush V1.0.0

Denise Audio My Crush mac cracked app – Refined crush controlsThe same insane bit crushing algorithm from the Bite Harder drives the My Crush plugin. The individual bit (reduce) and re-sample dials help you to gradually destroy your sound. The stutter fader adds a layer of creativity on top.

Denise Audio My Crush

presets from Florian MeindlWe asked one of our favorite electronic music producers in Berlin to create crazy presets for the Bite Harder & My Crush. They are included for free and in addition to the presets that we created.

Brutal algorithmBrutal crushing algorithm.

FiltersEasy to use lpf & hpf filters on the main panel.

StutterCreate extra arrangements and textures with the stutter control.

Continuous reduce re-sample controlIndividually set the bit & sample rate.

Graph curvesSix different preset curves change the tone and vibrancy of the bit-crusher control.

PresetsCustom presets from Florian Meindl are included on top of presets from denise.

Mac cracked apps

Mac cracked app screenshot:

Denise Audio My Crush

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