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Denise Audio God Mode

Denise Audio God Mode V2.0.1

Denise Audio God Mode mac cracked app – Push-pull technologyA new, creative & better way to distortThe God Mode makes use of a push-pull technology inspired by the legendary analog Pultec EQ, a passive tube eq from the 50s, widely used in the 70s/80s for both broadcasting and mixing.The Pultec EQ would ‘push’ the gain for a certain frequency range into its tube circuit, and would then ‘pull’ it back again, to smooth out the frequency response. This creates a sound close to the original but with a nice warmth added to the boosted frequency ranges. The God Mode introduces a modern version of this technique.

Denise Audio God Mode

Push-pull technologyPush-pull technology gives you full and continuous control over the coloration of your drive and saturation effects. You decide where to drive your sound.

Don’t drive alone – Denise Audio God ModeChoose and mix between 3 drive types.

Filters – Denise Audio God ModeColor the sound of your drive with a flexible equalizer graph. By using linear phase filters, the God Mode has a pristine sound quality and can be used in parallel or to create a perfectly in-phase dry/wet mix.

PanningBe creative while applying drive to your mix elements. The God Mode lets you pan the dry and wet signal independently of each other, allowing for interesting effects and creative stereo placement.

Create rhythmical drive with the side-tapeGod Mode lets you connect a side chain signal that controls the amount of tape distortion. This lets you distort one channel using another, allowing for all kinds of rhythmical distortion effects.

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Denise Audio God Mode

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