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Default Folder X V5.5b2

Default Folder X V5.5b2

Default Folder X cracked is a very good Mac Practical quick access tool for the menu bar, which can automatically remember the user’s recently opened directory, and can be quickly accessed in the menu bar. In addition, it also supports user-defined directory addition, supports the display of multi-level directories and the call of shortcut keys, which is very convenient!

Function introduction:

Default Folder X connects a toolbar to the open right and saves the dialog box in any OS X-native application. The toolbar provides quick access to various folders and commands. You only need to click the button to enter your favorite and recently used folders, manage the folders and files displayed in the list, and make changes to your settings. It also fixed many issues in the open and save dialogs, “bounced” to the last selected file, put the path list back in the top menu, and corrected the error in the scrolling column view.


Directory Assistant: You can access the contents of your most recent, favorite and open folders directly from the toolbar of the default folder X.

Real-time saving: If you often save things in the same folder, the default folder X can remember this folder for you.

Finder management: The default folder X allows you to open or save to any search window with just one click.

Instant memories: To help you quickly return to the folder you used recently, the default folder X remembers them for you.

Spotlight scene: The default folder X allows you to add spotlight keywords, OpenMeta tags, and Finder tags while you are still in the save dialog.

Information center: Using the default folder X, you can get a preview under each Open dialog box, expand to fill the available space. Need to see more details? Click on the image and it will zoom to full size.

Workflow: The default folder X is conflated with OSX, rather than letting you learn and set up a new application

Software screenshot:

Default Folder X

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