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Deep Sky Derelicts

Deep Sky Derelicts V1.5.3

Deep Sky Derelicts mac cracked app – It is an original turn-based role-playing game, supplemented by tactical card battle elements and popular Roguelike elements. Explore the abandoned alien spacecraft, fight, hunt for treasure, and upgrade your equipment. Everything is presented in a comic book-like future nostalgic art style.

Deep Sky Derelicts content:

In the oppressive and dystopian world of the future, human beings live scattered throughout the galaxy, and human society is split into two distinct classes. As an economically poor and shady wanderer, you are forced to survive in abandoned alien space stations and spacecraft. But you dream of becoming a prominent citizen, living on the surface of the migrant planet, enjoying the natural fresh air, food and water. There is a legendary alien spaceship somewhere in the deep space of the universe. You see it as a passport to citizenship and a comfortable life on a habitable planet.

Create and control a squad of up to three mercenaries, and start exploring this abandoned ship from as far as your scavenger base. Look for treasures and clues in the ruins. You will meet many friendly residents and businessmen, but the more common ones will be-all kinds of enemies. Challenge and defeat them in tactical turn-based battles, and randomly drawn cards will shape your fighting style. Earn experience for you and your team members, loot corpses, return to the base for supplies and upgrades. Heal, upgrade, replace and equip your mercenaries in the scavenger’s mother ship, upgrade their equipment or replenish life support system energy during missions.

Main features:

– Innovative turn-based card battle method

– Exquisite sci-fi comic book-like graphics and atmosphere

– Massive customization options to customize your character and scavenger squad

– The content generated randomly by the program brings extremely high replay value to the game

– Human society divided in the dystopian universe

– Two game modes: story mode and arena mode

Mac cracked app screenshot:

Deep Sky Derelicts

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