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Dawn Of Man V1.6.3 (41270)

Dawn of Man V1.6.3 (41270)

Dawn of Man Mac cracked version – from Starting from the Stone Age, entering the Iron Age, which spans more than 10,000 years of human prehistoric history, players will be like those ancient ancestors, trying to find ways to allow people to survive, expand and evolve their lives, while also facing the environment. Challenges coming.

Dawn of Man content:

In “Dawn of Mankind”, players can hunt, use animal skins and bones to make clothes and the tools they need, and at the same time collect resources such as fruits, wood, stones, ores from the living environment. Used to prepare food, make tools and build buildings.

Players must master the challenges and related advantages of the seasons in the game. for example, the harvest of fish may be rich in spring, fruits can be collected in summer, and food and non-perishable food must be available before winter comes. Enough clothing to protect yourself can survive.

Players must also find ways to build weapons and defense facilities to avoid unexpected threats; at the same time, don’t forget to research new technologies to increase food, unlock new agricultural products, or build giant buildings, so that human culture can continue. progress.

Mac cracked app screenshot:

Dawn of Man

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