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CSV Converter Pro V2.0

CSV Converter Pro V2.0

CSV Converter Pro Mac cracked version – is a powerful app for converting CSV data to SQL, JSON, XML & HTML. This App is very easy to use, simply load your CSV file and choose what format to export. Have a CSV file that you wish to quickly drop into your website? no problem, with CSV Converter Pro, you can quickly convert your data to styled HTML markup that you can instantly add to your webpage. CSV Converter Pro has tools to allow you style your HTML markup without writing a single line of code, or you can convert your data to a MYSQL ready SQL file that you can easily import into your database. Besides that, you can also convert your data to JSON or XML formats.

  • Powerful & Reliable to Convert Thousands of Rows of CSV data within the shortest amount of time.
  • Convert your CSV files to SQL(for MYSQL), XML, JSON or HTML
  • Easily download your converted data to your Mac
  • Easily Style your HTML markup using the UI tools provided without writing a line of code. Change font family, size, colors & row padding.
  • CSV Converter Pro Instantly previews your data as soon as it’s loaded on the app.
  • Custom define your SQL table name and field data types
  • Auto detects column headers/Labels in the CSV data.
  • Automatically checks if the XML file generated is well formed and notifies the user accordingly.

Mac cracked app screenshot:

CSV Converter Pro

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