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If you have any questions, please contact or leave a message below. Thank you.

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  1. Looking to scoop up Nueral Mix from ya. Hit me up and let me know how and $ donation is required….


  2. dear
    I would like to download your apps and am happy to pay but how you will. know me after?

  3. hi, you might want to think about adding some info for potential sponsors: how they can set up/access their account after they’ve made a payment, confirmation time etc. as it is now, there isnt any info on what sponsors are supposed to do after they’ve made a payment.

  4. Hello,
    Do you perhaps have Microsoft Office 2016 Suite?
    I need an older version than 2019 to work on an older Mac that can’t update the iOS.

    1. please wait, we have too many to upload at the moment, we will message you if we got the 2016 version.

    1. Too many to upload at the moment, please wait about one day. Sorry for the inconveniences

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