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  1. Dear

    My name is Dalibor Harald, Thank you for your time, my company offers project financing/Joint Ventures Partnership and lending services, do you have any projects that require funding/ Joint Ventures Partnership at the moment? We are ready to work with you on a more transparent approach.

    Best regards,

    Dalibor Harald
    Principal Partner

          1. 這應該可以的,謝謝,對了!請問這版本是否可以升級?

          2. 不好意思!再請問是否這套Leawo Blu-ray player可以播放藍光光碟的軟體?萬分感謝!

  2. 您好我是重EYNY過來的 KEYSHOT9 破解時 keyshot9.lic 對此電腦無效 以有用模擬器去跑過
    改怎麼解決 求大大幫忙了

  3. 大大您好 我是從伊莉找到這裡
    我下載完illustrator 有跑出試用期

  4. 大大您好,從伊粒莉找到這裡,請問在安裝您的adobe時(多個軟體)後皆跳出
    the installation cannot continue as the installer file may be damaged.Download the intaller file again.
    請問開如何解決,以為是新版本沒清乾淨,但系統重罐後一樣出現這則訊息 🙁

  5. 請問新買的mbp16吋 下載adobe破解用的了嗎?我看網路上很多都說現在新的破解不了

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