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  1. Hello,

    anyone would know where where I can find GSE SMART IPTV apps free for MAC ? thanks !

  2. maybe you can create an wishlist for the premium user because It’s more simple to keep somewhere all the app when we don’t have time to instal

  3. Hello,
    is someone would know witch version of Photoshop works with Mac M1 processor? I have been trying most of the versions and none works! Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi,
      again, I am getting error an 501 just after I enter admin password. Witch version of photoshop works with M1 Mac processor. For my partt, I have tried most of the versions and it always the same message that appears. I keep having error 501…witch is that a ressource is already used and the package cannot be installed. Any idea of what is the ressource?

  4. Hi, I just payment and send you screenshoot via mail. I am waitting acctivated my account.

  5. try to install Photoshop …at install time …the following message come out:The installation cannot continue as the installer file may be damaged. Download the installer file again.
    delete and reload apps …same message!

    need help!

    1. Hello,
      I am not to sure if what you mean by “try to Google this message ….”

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