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CompareMerge V2.13

CompareMerge V2.13

CompareMerge Mac cracked version is a simple and easy-to-use file merging and comparison tool, it can assist you to compare and determine the changes between different file versions, and compare these files.

Mac cracked app function:

  1. Compare folders/files: you can compare 2 files or 2 folders
  2. Quick comparison of folders: Allows to quickly compare the size or date of the files in two folders, or both or complete content (slower)
  3. Blank comparison: allow to create a blank editing window to compare text, and then save
  4. Custom theme colors: Users can choose predefined theme colors or customize edit text colors, background colors…
  5. Online editing (simultaneous editing/merge): compare and merge 2 text files: allow you to edit/compare/merge 2 text files in the same window
  6. Line number: When editing a file, displaying the line number will make it easier for you to know the exact change location.
  7. Patch generation: The application also includes patch generation function.
  8. File filter: include or exclude files matching regular expressions. In addition, after comparing two folders, you can filter the displayed items based on file names.
  9. Include subfolders: This option allows you to control the depth of folder comparison. Enabling it will compare all folder levels
  10. Copy to: After comparing the 2 folders, you can choose to copy left or right files to other locations (for example: when publishing the source of changes)
  11. DELETE Left / Right / Both: After comparing 2 folders, you can select the left file or the right file to be deleted
  12. Ignore case and spaces: Allow to ignore case and spaces in the “Edit/Merge” window
  13. IGNORE end line code: In edit mode, you can ignore the difference in end line code (Mac, Unix file is LF, Windows file is CR-LF or Mac classic file is CR).
  14. Export/Create Report: Allows to export comparison/combined results to clipboard or file (supported formats: CSV, text, HTML)

Mac cracked app screenshot:


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