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Clap Golf V1.0.2

Clap Golf V1.0.2

Clap Golf cracked for mac – The ultimate golf-game creator Clap Hanz is back with a brand new golf experience!

Clap Hanz Golf is the freshest way to play golf: change characters with each hole!

Clap Golf

The Ultimate Team Golf Game

The world’s favorite golf-game creator Clap Hanz is back with a brand new golf experience!

Use a different character per hole throughout the round! Clap Hanz Golf is the freshest and golfiest way to play the sport!

Clap Golf

  • Obtain characters, form a team, and use a different member for each hole!
  • Want to use the same character? Sure! We have a 9-hole mode for that!
  • Enjoy a rich variety of courses around the world!
  • In Tour Mode, travel the globe recruiting team members!
  • Feel part of the action with actual flick shots!
  • Controllers supported! (Controllers required for AppleTV)

Check out these game modes!

Clap Golf Tour Mode

Progress through Match Plays and tournaments that appear on the map to rank up and grow your team.

Start with 3-hole tournaments, then eventually take on 6 and 9-hole ones!

The higher your tour rank, the more courses you can play.

For character face-offs on the map,

it’s not all Match Plays: you also have Drive Battles, KP Battles, and more. Win to obtain characters!

Score Attack

1 character, 9 holes. How high a score can you get?

Records are divided by course and character, so it’s the perfect challenge for record hunters!

And it’s a great mode to practice in if Tour Mode has you stuck in a bunker.

Local Multiplayer

Two to four players connect their devices and do battle.

One player creates a room and decides on the round rules.

In Stroke Play, two to four players play; in Match Play it’s two players.

Survival Mode

Face challenges on each hole, and see who can clear the most in a row.

Connect to GameCenter to view world leaderboards and see how your score fairs against other players.


  • Adjusted shot registration in certain situations.
  • Added input position assistance interface.


Mac cracked apps screenshot:

Clap Golf
Clap Golf V1.0.2


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