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Chicken Assassin Reloaded

Chicken Assassin Reloaded 2018.07.13

Chicken Assassin Reloaded mac cracked app – Chicken Assassin Reloaded is a dynamic and very interesting action RPG with an excellent storyline filled to the brim with unexpected turns of events. Here you will definitely not be bored, because throughout the entire gameplay you will constantly encounter sparkling humor, while ruthlessly destroying all opponents who dare to stand in your way. The world of the game consists of numerous, individually executed levels, each of which has prepared for you a lot of interesting secrets, tasks and secrets, which will not be as easy to reveal as it might seem at first glance. – Chicken Assassin Reloaded

Chicken Assassin Reloaded

Here you must take care of the fullness of your combat stock, which will contain the most insane things that will effectively cope with any, even the most powerful supporters of the enemy force. You have to go through about eleven missions, each of which will definitely please you with its unique performance and interesting tasks. In the course of the action, you will need to carefully explore the territory in order to provide yourself with useful items, fight more effectively against rivals. The game boasts bright, well-executed graphics, and will definitely be able to please you with a variety of exciting tasks. – Chicken Assassin Reloaded


11 legendary missions – hit, cut and shoot during glorious missions, including the battle with an entire tribe of barbarians “First Siege!”

Endless Mode – Survive the siege of the toughest enemies in this all-new mode that will test your stamina … remember to relieve yourself before the fight.

Over 450 unique items – who doesn’t love loot?

Bright graphics and colorful images, as well as hidden characters and easter eggs – we have enough of all sorts of rarities and interesting things.

Boss Raids – Do you like difficulty? When completing missions, fight special bosses for an outstanding reward. Only for the most ardent button pushers!

Deep Personalization – Customize your outfits and weapon layouts to upgrade the characteristics and appearance of Meen McCallister.

Grandma’s Tales is a system of achievements for which you get money … and you can buy even more.

Black market – it’s always good to know a guy who will customize what you need, and even at a good price.

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Chicken Assassin Reloaded

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