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Check Off V5.8.0

Check Off V5.8.0

Check Off cracked – It is a menu bar application and can also be run as a standalone application. You can always know the running status of your computer and complete the marking, which is very flexible and convenient!


This is a simple and easy-to-use manager designed macOS, which inserts variables in your state and always keeps your way.

Organizing tasks and learning priorities is the first step to improving your productivity level: Check is a minimalist Mac application that lives in your state offset, allowing you to carefully view all your homework.

Unobtrusive application using the status bar of the organized user interface.

To avoid messing up your docking station and to ensure that this application can be accessed at any time, you can set a small icon in your status: whenever you click it, the main window check will be immediately visible.

The inspection of the main window is divided into two main parts: at the top of the task list, and in the text area at the bottom, you can write down your observations for each activity. Then, the toolbar in the top window includes buttons for all basic functions: new items, new folders (you can organize tasks into different groups), delete and clear.

Help you use only tags to organize your tasks.

Each item has a small calibration placed to the left of it: when you complete a certain item, check the corresponding part of it and delete it from the to-do list.

The inspection application provides a limited number of customization options, so the overall cleanliness and organization are always maintained. However, you can change task and folder fonts, line height, glass transparency, or alternative locations for database files.

In addition, there are 7 tags that can be assigned to your task, each tag has a different color. Please note that you can easily adjust the label name to your own needs.

Immature but powerful management solution.

All in all, if you are looking for a simple, organized, minimalist application that can create a simple list of tasks that you are about to complete, then ticking is certainly worth your attention.

Mac cracked app screenshot:

Check Off

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