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Carbon Copy Cloner V5.1.25.6155

Carbon Copy Cloner V5.1.25.6155

Carbon Copy Cloner Mac cracked version – is a powerful Mac Disk backup and synchronization tool, as long as we can think of data synchronization and backup methods, Carbon Copy Cloner supports, supports automatic backup to another directory, backup to mobile hard disk, backup to network hard disk, etc., supports incremental backup, The functions of scheduled task backup and network backup are simple, easy to use and very powerful!

Function introduction:

Carbon Copy Cloner, or CCC for short, is the best tool for hard disk cloning, synchronization, and backup on Mac OS. You can use it to perform scheduled tasks, incremental backups, clone clone recovery, and other functions.

The original intention of Mac cracked app design is to be so intelligent that people forget its existence. The interface is simple and easy to configure, but the background is powerful, and you can even set it to automatically start backup when you plug in a portable hard drive.

Mac cracked app screenshot:

Carbon Copy Cloner

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