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Canvas Draw V7.0.0

Canvas Draw V7.0.0

Canvas Draw Mac cracked version – is a Mac Excellent design vector drawing tool, the Mac cracked app provides a large number of templates and materials, simple and easy to use, the development company’s famous ACDSee!

Function introduction:

ACD Systems Canvas Draw comes with tools and technologies that allow you to easily create marketing or commercial materials, as well as creative content, printable drawings and shareable PDFs. Draw canvas to design brochures, collages, business cards, school projects, covers, handouts, printable advertisements, reports, charts, indicators, web content, models, layouts, logos, scale drawings, floor factories, architectural design, and others The best measurement accuracy for drawing, placement, and ability to combine text, images and objects.


From the moment Canvas Draw is opened, a new dialog box provides instant, one-click access to working document templates, sample documents, and blank illustrations and publication documents with fully customizable options.

Perceivability in the palette – The document layout palette is listed hierarchically and provides simple navigation of various objects, layers, and pages within each project. By using the list, you can easily select any text, illustration or image object. The ability to add new pages and layers to projects and other content management options can be easily accessed at any time.

Helper – Never get lost because of the context-sensitive help built into the app. When you select a tool or function, help responds to you immediately. Canvas Assistant will guide you to complete a project while you are working, provide information when using tools or functions, and describe the current working environment.

Mac cracked app screenshot:

Canvas Draw

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