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Brave Browser V85.1.14.84

Brave Browser V85.1.14.84

Brave Browser cracked For Mac – Brave Browser is a browser Mac cracked apps with a plug-in for ad blocking on the Mac platform, Brave browser will automatically block pop-up ads on the website and track user behavior, making it faster and safer to browse.

Brave Browser Mac cracked apps function:

1. Faster browsing speed

The loading speed of pages on the desktop is increased by 2 times, and the loading speed on mobile devices is increased by 8 times. Watch Brave in action and face off against Chrome and Firefox. Brave loads pages twice as fast out of the box, without installation, learning or management.

2. Ensure information security

Brave can defend against malware and prevent tracking, ensuring your information is safe. This is our top priority.

3, personal data confidentiality

Our server will neither view nor store your browsing data-it will remain private on your device until you delete it. This means that we will not sell your data to third parties.

4. Custom shield settings

Choose your settings within each site or browser. Check out how many ads and trackers are blocked by Brave every day on the “New Tab Page”.

5. Simple security

If you are willing to research, download and install multiple extensions, and carefully configure and properly maintain the settings in your browser and extensions, you can match some of Brave’s privacy and security.

6, security encryption

Whenever possible, when ordinary browsers use insecure connections, Brave will automatically upgrade to HTTps for secure encrypted communication.

7. The default value is very important

Browse confidently with default settings that prevent phishing, malware, and malicious advertisements. In addition, plug-ins that have proven to be a security risk are disabled by default.

8, synchronization settings

Brave Sync, currently in beta, can enable encryption and synchronize your preferred settings and bookmarks. However, Brave does not have the key to decrypt your data.

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

Brave Browser
Brave Browser V85.1.14.84

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