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Bible V6.8

Bible V6.8

Bible Mac cracked version is one that can help you study the Bible. It includes several Bible translations (such as Greek, Hungarian, etc.), dictionaries and tools, these things can help you learn the original Bible. It provides a bookmark function, you can customize the font size and color.

Mac cracked app function:

  1. Completely improved design.
  2. Search for books, numbering chapters and verses.
  3. Decrease or increase the font size.
  4. Choose from 12 background colors and read the Bible in your application preferences.
  5. Choose 10 font styles from the application preferences to read the Bible.
  6. Increase or decrease the speed of speech.
  7. Change the background color of the presentation view.
  8. Hide the left pane that makes up the book list.
  9. Now use the book title and scripture number to search the Bible.
  10. Find the highlighted text categorized into different colors.
  11. Now save the journal to a different folder.
  12. Add sermons: take notes with recordings.
  13. Added Bible coordination.
  14. More than 50 new Bible versions have been added.
  15. At the bottom, characters and lines are added in the Journal and Sermon sections.
  16. You can add attachments (documents, photos, files) to each diary and save it in the application. Just click on the thumbnail to view the attached file.
  17. Added a desktop widget to display daily scriptures in two different backgrounds, light and dark.
  18. Daily poetry can be accessed in the notification center. Users can add App Extension and browse DAIly Verse in the notification center.

Mac cracked app screenshot:


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