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Better Blocker V2020.2

Better Blocker V2020.2

Better Blocker cracked for mac – Safari browser always pops up What about ads that people hate? You can use the Better Blocker mac cracked version of this ad blocking tool, which can make your web experience safer, lighter and faster. Block tracking scripts, tracking pixels, and behavioral ads. Based on our own web crawler, we use our unique, hand-curated, open tracker database.

Better Blocker Mac cracked apps function:

1. Prevent tracking scripts, tracking pixels and behavioral ads.

2. Use our unique, manually planned, open tracking database, based on our own web crawling. If you want to learn more, please browse the encyclopedia-like tracker entry on our website.

3. We identify and block the most popular trackers. This makes Better’s block list lightweight and effective.

4. We make blocking decisions based on the principles of the Ethical Design Declaration (

5. Developed and planned by is Laura and Aral-a small duo and a very profitable non-profit organization fighting for social justice in the digital age.

6. Open, transparent, free and free.

7. Improve the readability of popular websites.

8. Focus on the worst offenders… Did you know that the worst websites we found online have 172 trackers? Better stop them, make the site 4 times lighter and 15.8 times faster!

9. Block blockers (try to say a few times quickly!) We try our best to protect you from websites that try to put you at risk by forcing you to turn off privacy tools.

10. Your personal “blocked” list allows you to better close websites that cannot play better with Better. Easily contact us about these sites so that we can fix the experience for everyone.

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

Better Blocker
Better Blocker V2020.2


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  1. Can you help me to getthis dmg? I tried to get access via a request and I got denied and blocked 😀

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