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BeatMark 2 V2.0.4

BeatMark 2 V2.0.4

BeatMark cracked is a very popular music for Mac The marker program allows you to generate timed music markers that can be used in Final Cut Pro X. It is easy to use, just drag the file with the song into the “Drag Here Music File” area, and then press “BeatMark”: the application will analyze the audio file and generate a mark.

Mac cracked app function:

1. Song analysis

The “Preferences” panel allows you to specify the specified analysis algorithm (MS algorithm is best for songs with constant rhythm, but for less traditional songs, you can choose to use the “Alternative Filter” algorithm).

You can also choose to recognize the moments in the audio in your speech to clearly quote the mark of the silent part and the human part.

for music markers, there is a new control panel that allows you to specify how to round the marked time to the previous or next frame.

2. Tag management after analysis

However, after analyzing the song, the potential of BeatMark 2 shows a real innovation: after the analysis is complete, a new window will appear, which also shows the timeline of the marked song, all timelines Final Cut Pro X, all similar to the timeline:

In this window, you can not only listen to the songs and view the tags, but you can also use them to perform actions, so once the songs are introduced into Final Cut Pro X, you can further speed up the workflow.

Selecting this option will enable you to highlight the marker in 3/4 or 4/4 on the first beat of certain time signatures.

After selecting the time signature, you only need to align the first beat that you want to indicate as the start time, and all beats will be automatically highlighted (every 3 or every 4 beats), and the marks will be in the same way Highlight the way in the Final Cut Pro X timeline.

But there is more: if you activate the “Suggest a cut every four cycles” option, BeatMark 2 will assume that a cycle is four beats (indicated by 3/4 or 4/4), each time The mark is highlighted in another color in the line.

3. Cut and delete

In fact, one of BeatMark 2’s greatest potentials is that you can cut music directly inside the app. All cuts and changes inside Final Cut Pro X will be exactly the same.

These two new icons allow you to cut (blade in Final Cut Pro X) and then delete the clip. If you choose to display the markers every four cycles, make two cuts on these highlighted markers, select the clips between them and finally delete them, you will get the shortest music and precise cuts cut.

Export options

BeatMark 2 allows you to add clips directly without creating a new timeline (items in Final Cut Pro X): the clip will display all the markers in the event, and the clip can be used for all projects in Final Cut Pro X Library.

If you choose to create a timeline, you can also choose the following options to create placeholders: There is a placeholder at each marker, so that the clip replacement in Final Cut Pro X will be faster to achieve more Effective workflow.

Mac cracked app screenshot:


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