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Back-In-Time Mac cracked version (Back-In-Time) allows you to access the contents of Time Machine backups. Its browser allows you to simultaneously view data saved in multiple Time Machine disks, data from multiple different Macs, data from multiple disks, etc. Rack-In-Time provides a fast and comprehensive view of all backups to Quickly find out which files have been backed up, how many different versions are in the backup, which files have been deleted, etc.

Function introduction:

Restore Time Machine Data

Time Machine is a good basic backup tool, but the options for finding and restoring data are very limited. Back-In-Time gives you the flexibility to locate and restore data to any location on your Mac.

New features in Back-in-Time 5 (compared to version 4)

Add APFS compatibility.

Add a snapshot when analyzing local time machine backups.

New feature to copy all the different versions of the selected file present in the backup.

New user interface.

Improved navigation and search functions.

Original Content Browser: Compare Mac content with Time Machine backups.

Export the backup content to a text file.

Compare the two exported content.

Able to use Back-In-Time without administrator rights.

The possibility of recovering beyond the time machine

View the number of versions of each document, deleted items, etc.

Drag and drop Time Machine data to any location on your Mac.

Access Time Machine backups from multiple disks and other Macs.

Create a virtual time machine disk to browse unavailable Time Machine backups (old Time Machine disks, Time Machine backups from other Macs, etc.).

Mac cracked app screenshot:


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