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Avid Sibelius Ultimate

Avid Sibelius Ultimate V2020.6

Avid Sibelius Ultimate mac cracked app – Avid Sibelius Ultimate is a powerful score making software, with powerful score making functions. Sibelius is reputed as one of the best score writing software in the world. It can provide you with complex but easy-to-use tools that can help composers, arrangers, publishers, educators and other people in different fields to compose music. The software has the characteristics of powerful functions and simple operation, so that everyone can write music scores at low cost. – Avid Sibelius Ultimate

Avid Sibelius Ultimate Software function:

  1. Compose music quickly and easily

With the comprehensive upgrade of the underlying infrastructure, powerful multiple editing functions, and an intuitive task-based interface that can guide you through the entire score creation process, music creation has never been easier. Whether you are entering notes from a screen score, keyboard, fingerboard window, or your MIDI or computer keyboard, Sibelius will handle all note layout, direction, and rest details. – Avid Sibelius Ultimate

  1. Avid Sibelius Ultimate Enhance your music

Supports up to 16 musical instrument scores (staff), you can create rich multi-layer music. However, it is not just notes. You can add chord symbols and guitar chord diagrams by playing chords or typing suffix elements on a MIDI device. Turn the guitar score into a sheet music, and then turn it back. And easily add lyrics, titles, text and graphics to complete the score. – Avid Sibelius Ultimate

  1. Avid Sibelius Ultimate Fast and beautiful creation

More time can be spent on composition (not modification). When you compose music, magnetic layout (magnetic layout) can automatically allocate appropriate gaps for each note in the score and avoid crowding, so as to create a beautiful score, which can shorten the composition time by half. And whenever you change the score, Dynamic Parts can automatically create and update individual instrument parts.

  1. Convert music to sheet music

Sibelius comes with two accompaniment apps that allow you to convert recorded, played, printed, and handwritten music into sheet music. With AudioScore Lite, you can input notes by singing into a microphone or playing a single instrument. With PhotoScore & NotateMe Lite, printed, PDF and JPEG sheet music can be converted into editable scores, even handwritten scores.

  1. Clearly hear every detail of your music

With the included 10 GB high-quality sampled instrument sound library, you can play back songs to listen to the sound when playing with a full set of instruments. The Espressivo function adds a more human touch, so your score will sound as expected. You can also use VST and AU virtual instruments and sound effects.

  1. Get inspired

Encountered obstacles to composition? Don’t worry. Check out the Score Starter and Ideas Hub to quickly enlighten your creativity. Use 40 specific genre score entry templates to start composing. Then find more inspiration in the Ideas Hub, where you can choose from 300 sound library ideas, which can speed up your creative process. You can even capture your inspiration for future use.

  1. Share your work

Use Sibelius | Cloud Sharing to easily share up to 20 scores online, and invite others to view and play your music. Want to share more scores? Expand your storage space with Avid Cloud premium Plan. You can also collaborate through MusicXML, print scores, and export your music as MIDI or PDF files.

  1. Participate in community exchanges

Looking for collaboration, looking for notation opportunities or getting feedback on your work? With the free Avid Link app, you can communicate online with other composers, artists, and media professionals, enhance your score and skills, and further expand your creative potential. You can even sync Sibelius | Cloud Sharing scores to your Avid Link and artist community portfolios.

  1. Rehearse and play through iPad

Already have an iPad? Export your score for Avid Scorch, an iOS app that turns your iPad into an interactive music stand and score library for rehearsal and performance. With Avid Scorch on iPad, you can view the score and adapt it to your instrument by transposing the score, changing the instrument, and even converting between guitar scores.

Mac cracked app screenshot:

Avid Sibelius Ultimate

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