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Avalanche For Lightroom V1.1.2

Avalanche for Lightroom V1.1.2

Avalanche for Lightroom Mac cracked version – is a You can migrate Aperture or Lightroom libraries without losing settings, and manage all library migrations on your Mac with just a few clicks. From Apple Aperture to Adobe Lightroom, Avalanche makes it easy to move pictures between applications without losing the organizational structure and image settings.

Mac cracked app function:

1. Driven by AI

Avalanche uses machine learning to automatically adjust the edits you make on the photos so that they look exactly the same after migration (*).

Not all adjustments made to photos require AI. Some things such as geometric adjustments (straightening, trimming) are performed very precisely.

Avalanche uses AI for: white balance, exposure and light, color and tone, highlights and shadows.

2, fast…safe

If you have tried other apps and plugins designed to export photos to a new catalog, and are tired of waiting for the never-ending progress bar, then you have come to the right place.

Avalanche is fast because it can run locally on the Mac and has been adjusted for performance (*).

This is also safe…because it will never be written to the existing Lightroom catalog, but will create a new shiny catalog ready to merge…or not merge.

3. The situation of the aperture

Starting from Mac OS Catalina (to be released in September 2019), Aperture will no longer launch on Mac.

Although this is very sad for many of us, it does not mean that migration after that is impossible.

Indeed, the good news is that Avalanche can still open the Aperture library and migrate it to all the destinations it supports.

4. Very simple, but communicate with professionals

Although we worked hard to make Avalanche easy to use, it was considered pro from the ground up. Avalanche understands lossless editing, masters, virtual copies, and even has prO features such as RAW + JPEG workflow.

5. Artificial intelligence-driven adjustments

White balance temperature and color, exposure, contrast, vividness, saturation, black and white level, highlights and shadows are all converted using AI.

6. Album

A simple album will be recreated in the target directory. Smart albums will not be converted.

7. Notes and keywords

All customs notes, signs, grades, and color labels will be converted. Convert keywords with full support for hierarchy.

8, EXIF ​​and IPTC

Support all IPTC and EXIF. Avalanche even gets EXIF ​​data from the main file to enrich the target directory.

9. Faces

Full face conversion

10, master class

Use the corresponding import session to recreate the master in the target directory. The referenced file can be copied or kept in its original place.

11. Metadata from files

If the stack is available, the stack will be completely rebuilt in the target album.

12. Video

The video is safely copied to the folder next to your Master.

Mac cracked app screenshot:

Avalanche for Lightroom

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